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Here’s a tiny peek at the website that will be launched in the next 24 hours.


Financial viability in terms of bandwidth usage. Now that’s something I didn’t think much about. Now I’m feeling pretty depressed after doing some maths on bandwidth usage.

Mathematically, it’s extremely unlikely that the site’s revenue (if any) will be able to cover its own bandwidth costs when launched. Taking into account all of the users’ submitted media, the bandwidth usage would skyrocket way past a budget host’s limit. Also, Google’s Adsense (which is what I hope to implement) is a poor revenue model for social networks/profile sites. And that’s all assuming the website will attract users, which was never so likely in the first place.

Very depressed.

But Harper Lee’s Atticus once said, “Courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it though no matter what“. Licked is a slang term for “defeated”. That quote has stuck with me since studying the book To Kill a Mocking Bird in 9th grade.

So that is what I am going to do.

Besides, it’s never all for nothing. Regardless of how the website turns out I will have learnt about many things –

  • Web development in general
  • PHP
  • The CakePHP framework
  • SEO
  • Making good content
  • Some marketing strategies
  • The software development process
  • Information Architecture
  • Time management
  • How much time a simple web application really takes to build!
  • It’s a bad idea to be a 1 man team! Have at least 2 or 3 programmers in a team.
  • What I’m talking about in this article.

Oh, and I’ll definately put the on my CV as one of my personal projects 🙂

But let’s not be so self-centered, yeah? With what I’ve learnt I will –

  • Write tutorials to help others with the programming problems that I encountered during development
  • Write tutorials about the development process
  • … and many other tutorials

Alright. Enough writing. It’s time to get stuff done! And remember the quote.

I’m launching a simple Web 2.0 website sometime soon, whatever “Web 2.0” really means. My budget for the entire development of this website is $0. There is just 1 person working on it (me). I have a hosting budget of $300USD. I have no education or experience in business or marketing. I am still studying Software Engineering at University, which has a high workload at the moment.

That is sounding incredibly ridiculous, and I haven’t even told you what the website is about!

However, I’m not going to reveal what the website is about yet. What I’ll reveal is that launch day deadline I set myself is rolling towards me like a freight train and the website is nowhere near complete. What also matters is that this website will have a 99% chance of totally failing. By “failing”, I don’t mean it from a technical viewpoint, but from a business viewpoint, i.e. the site will not attract visistors.

“I will reveal new details about the progress of the website on a daily basis, and I hope you can follow me on a journey that began with the first step a few months ago.”

You may wonder. If this guy is so disillusioned, why is he still working on the website when the odds are so improbable? Is he crazy? Possibly. This is going to sound cliched, but I’m doing this because I’m passionate about it. I love building things, I love building websites. I’m not good at it, and I’m a slow learner. But the passion always shines through. So, in the unlikely case that the website does succeed, great! But if it doesn’t, I wouldn’t have lost anything. I will have gained a significant amount of knowledge and experience.

In any case, I am working on the website as if it will be a tremendous success. If I place myself in the mentality that “my projects will never ever succeed”, then I will never see a single success in my life.

I’ll reveal new details about the progress of the website on a daily basis, and I hope you can follow me on a journey that began with the first step a few months ago.