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Still going here 🙂

So pretty much most of the coding is done and now the problem is attracting visitors:

  • I’m thinking of using Adwords but don’t know how effective it will be or how much I can spend.
  • I’ll try to place posters around my local Universities (there’s around 4 or 5 at least)
  • On the front page of the website I’ll put the most recently joined user profiles.
  • I’ll need to re-engineer the elevator pitch a bit.
  • As for the color theme, I WILL change it if I get many complaints about it, otherwise I’ll probably waste too much time changing the color theme. Yeah, CSS and logo-redesign is a pain 🙂 especially when there’s so much else to do.

I think the 3rd point is incredibly important but so are the others.



  1. Good luck.

    Here are some of my thoughts:
    – are there any strategic alliance you can form that could use a penpal site within their strategic plan? (Military, foreign aid workers or volunteers, missionary groups, etc.) Maybe you could become their tool of choice.
    – Analyze competition – identify their strengths and determine the weakness in each of their strengths. Attack those weakness to draw users away from your competitors.

  2. Hey Tim,

    Thanks very much for the valueable advice! I’ll definately be taking what you said to heart (especially for future projects), thanks 😉

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