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Here I am, one day away from launch and the user profiles search for the site isn’t working! LOL. Another delay? Maybe, but not for too long.

As I said before, I’m using CakePHP which is an excellent PHP framework for web development. Despite its awesome power sometimes you still need to bring out a custom mysql query or some other form of hack to get the results you want.

The user profile search is somewhat complicated, because you’ve got to be able to search for others based on age, gender, and of course the languages they are learning and which ones they can speak. Definately not a trivial search.  Also, it can get pretty frustrating when the search returns so much data that it exhausts the PHP page memory. I absolutely hate pulling out hacks, but I might have no choice.

Deploy first, “fix” later?


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  1. Thanks for nice and usefull article.

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