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It seems like I have decided not to implement a progress bar for file uploads after all! I’ve determined that it will take too long to implement, and the more appropriate course of action is to use a far simpler solution: file upload activity GIFS.

This is very simple to implement. When the user clicks the submit button on your form to upload an image, you have Javascript access the HTML DOM and make an activity gif appear. Then when the image finishes uploading, the page refreshes. Of course, the user won’t be able to see the actual progress of the file upload, but can see that something is happening. The disadvantage is that if the upload hangs, the user might not know as the GIF will still be animating away.

There is no AJAX involved in this process, just pure Javascript. The link I gave you has the title Ajaxload but this method does not require an XMLHttpRequest object. It’s simple.


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  1. Give this one a try,… this is very easy to ipmlement… there is nothing wrong using it

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