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Have you ever been to sites that don’t have a progress bar when you upload a large file? It’s very frustrating not knowing the upload progress of large files. Many just think the download has hung up and quits the site.

As a consequence I’ve been trying to implement a progress bar for uploading large images. After Googling around I came upon SWFUpload. It’s a hybrid  Flash/Javascript library that handles file uploads and of course it can display a progress bar. Implementing it is more difficult than I thought.

The problem is that you can’t just copy and paste SWFUpload code into your application. Proper implementation requires knowledge of Javascript and my knowledge of it barely scratches the surface!

I think I’m making progress – I’ll make a post once about this topic again when I successfully implement it.



  1. This should solve all you problems

  2. thx chirax awesome site 🙂 I decided not to go for the progress bar but this site should come in handy in the future 😀

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