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A few hours ago I needed to upgraded my version of the CakePHP framework to the latest, as the old version had one bug in particular I couldn’t live with. It was the Beta version after all!

The new version of the framework has a lot of fixes and improvements, a few of which affect my code. Naturally, I need to change a lot of code throughout my website to make it work properly again.

Here’s a tip for you programmers – When developing an application with any language or framework (but especially young ones), always refer to the latest version of the API documentation. When a new update comes along (no matter how small), update immediately. If you update immediately you won’t accumlate all the changes you have to fix later down the track.

An alternative is that you could change the underlying framework code to fix a specific issue, but I would never do that. It’s asking for trouble later. Workarounds come back to bite you on the ass, always. I promise you.

EDIT: Spelling and grammar errors (I should really proofread more)


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